Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

The biggest change I’ve made this year was deciding to get back in shape. Besides joining the CSW Training Center and working my butt off in the gym, I started by taking a serious look at what I ate and drank and was disgusted by what I was taking in and the lack thereof. I was only eating one meal a day and snacking occasionally throughout the day. I was losing weight daily and felt like crap during training.
Then I came across the No Meat Athlete blog and it changed my life. For those that don’t know me, I am a very selective eater. Or in other words, I’m extremely picky. Well, actually, I am not that picky, I am a germaphobe and crazy animal lover. My main food rule is: nothing with a face or bones. After I read The Most Laid-Back Guide to Going Vegetarian You’ll Ever Read, I was not ready to start my journey of becoming a vegetarian, but I was definitely ready to start eating healthier. So instead of setting the bar to an unattainable goal, I went about it in baby steps – one meal at a time. This way, I could monitor my progress and tailor the plan to meet my goal of eating right every day.

I started out by treating my body like a race car and only fuel it with good foods. First, I eliminated all alcoholic, caffeinated and carbonated beverages and replaced them by drinking 2-gallons of water daily, then moved on to ban most fast food restaurants and avoid junk foods, and I already rarely ever ate desserts or sweets, so that part was really easy to cut. In addition to eating healthier I also supplement meals with vitamins, nutrition shakes, nootropics, and probiotics. I noticed the change immediately! I was a lot less tired at work and just felt better in general. But the best part is seeing my six pack abs, again; since they’ve mostly been hiding since high school.

If you’re serious about training (anything), do yourself a favor and evaluate your diet and make some changes for better physical performance.

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