My name is James “JT” Taylor (born 이범우). I am a professional Content Editor for a Fortune 500 company and creative entrepreneur based out of Orange County, California.
I work with a wide variety of tasks, including copywriting, design, photography, and videography.

Email- jtxxzy[at]gmail.com
Instagram– 1080px square cropped photos
Pinterest– art, design, fashion, and tattoo inspriation
Reddit– jtxxzy
Snapchat- jtxxzy – daily random selfies
Tumblr– individual posts of my photos
Twitter– occasional observations in 140-characters or less
WordPress– My fitness and training journal
Xbox Live– grown-up achievement whore

I designed the site using Headway Themes.
The layout is inspired by this blog post by Michelle W.
The colorway is based on American Idiot by Darius A Monsef IV.
The header font is Mademoiselle K by Thomas Boucherie.
Please credit/link my URL if you use my photos.